Backfire - Where we belong LP (silver Vinyl lim. 100)

Backfire / Cornered Split 7"EP

Bad Attitude - a long way EP

Bad Bloods, the - Deadbeats, Bastards & Lowlifes LP (lim. 250, grey / Bandworm Records)

Bad Bloods, the - Still don't care - 10"

Bad Habit - Same LP (lim. 534)

Banner of thugs - First feat of arms LP

Baretta Love

-promise i`ll be fine- EP

Basta - Non Cambiero Mai LP

Bastards on Parade - empty bottles & broken things LP

Battery - For the rejected by the rejected LP (2nd Press / lim. 551, blue)

Beerzone - Strangle all the boybands LP

Beerzone vs. Argy Bargy - Heroes of the 3rd Half 7"EP (DSS Records)

Bierpatrioten - Geh mit Gott Pic-LP

Bierpatrioten - Randale, Pog & Alkohol LP

-Randale, Pogo, Alkohol- LP

Bishops Green - Back to our roots part 1 7"EP (lim. 1000, black)

Bishops Green - Back to our roots part 1 7"EP (lim. 500, blue)

Black Marias - A Clockwork Army LP (lim. 300)

Black Marias / Oldfashioned Ideas - same - Split 7EP

Blades - Same LP