Beefeater - House Burning Down LP (Dischord Records)

Bexx Bier Boys "H-G Skins" Scumfuck

Beyonds- Arrogance or Ignorance EP Heart First Rec.

Blanks 77 - Killer Blanks Pic-LP (Nasty Vinyl)

Blanks 77 / Fuckin` Faces - Split-7"EP (Höhnie Records, Nasty Vinyl, black)

Blind Pigs - Süsse Wut LP (Dirty Faces / Hönie Rec.)

Blitzkrieg - s/t LP (Bandworm Records)

Block Buster - United & Strong EP (Knock Outs)

Bolsheviks, the - Cabbage in Mind Ep (Dr.Strange Records)

Bones, the - Bigger than Jesus LP (PLY)

Bones, the - Burnout Boulevard (PLY, lim. blue Vinyl)

Boonaraas, the - He`s no good be mine again EP Swindlebra Records

Boontown Rats , the - Mary / of the 4tm Form EP (Ensign Records)

BRACES CARRIER'69 - kühl servieren EP Streetmusic

Braindance - Braindance LP (Helen of Oi!)

Braindance - The Blind Lead The Blind 7"EP (2nd Pressing, Helen Of Oi! Records)

Brat Pack ‎– Stupidity Returns LP (lim. 550, clear transparent) Dirty Faces

Bristles, the - Last Years Youth LP (Beer City)

Broken toys - Love story EP Incognito

Business , the - Harry May EP (Secret Rec.)