Cockney Rejects ‎– The Wild Ones LP (A.K.A. Records Int 147.920)

Contempt "ACAB EP" DIY

Crazy Squeeze, the - Same LP (lim. 100, red splatter / Wanda Records)

Creeping Disaster - Countdown LP (Hot Yeti Records)

Cruelle Section - Oi! 7"EP (One by One Records)

Cuffs, the / Vigilantes!, the - Cut Throat / Another Stranger (lim. 100, clear / Flat Records)

Cute Lepers - Out Of Order / Lonely Boy 7"EP (1.Press, green / Damaged Goods)

Cute Lepers - Terminal Boredom 7"EP (lim. 250, yellow / Damaged Goods)

the Cave "Guanbatz" Big Beat Records

the Clat Cops "come to daddy EP" Intensive Scare Records

the Copycats "fuck you if you don`t like it" DIY - farbiges Vinyl

V/A - Cockney Rejects - Greatest Tribute Vol.1 7"EP (lim. 1000, Yellow Labels / DSS Records / Longshot Records)

Vortex / Crusaders - Zurück in die Zukunft 7"EP (yellow, lim. 100 / Randale Records)