Die Kassierer - Der heilige Geist greift an LP (Teenage Rebel Records)

Kaaos / Cadgers ‎– Kytät On Natsisikoja E.P. 7" (Assel Records)

Kaltfront ‎– Live '88 LP + Beiheft / Fanzine (Rundling / Eastcore.de / Zieh dich warm an Tapes)

Kami Ada ‎– Resistencia Libertad 7"EP (black / Refuse Records / EmancyPunx)

Kill Allen - Wrench My Bitch Is A Junky LP (lim. 500, black / Wanker Records)

Kill Your Idols - From Companionship To Competition LP (black, Side One Dummy Records)

King Kurt ‎– Ooh Wallah Wallah LP (Stiff Records 6.25749 A0)

Klasse Kriminale / Old Firm Casuals - Stesso Sangue 7"EP (black / Randale Records)

Klasse Kriminale / The Gonads - Punk is back Split-7"EP (Having a laugh Records)

Klasse Kriminale / Time Bomb 77 - Clockwork Anthems Vol.1 Split-LP (Knock Outs)