Slas - S/T EP Ecocentric Records

Slaughter & The Dogs ‎– Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone? / You're A Bore 12"EP (1.Press UK / Decca LF 13723)

Smelly Anchors, the - Anchors Awaight! 7"EP (DSS Records)

Snazzy Boys, the - Organized Octopus 7"EP (lim. numberd, 285 / Rijapov Records)

Social Distortion - More Girls More Cars And More Even Louder Guitiars LP

Soko Durst - Schnaps 7"EP (black / Bandworm Records)

Sonic Dolls - Loveltters From Tour 7"EP (Radio Blast Recordings)

Spent Idols, the - I Don`t Give A Fuck! b/w The Living Dead 7"EP (Incognito Records)

Spider Babies - Rock And Roll Rejects 7"EP (black, lim. 200 / Kenrock 82)

Springtoifel - 5 Mainzeldroogs in Berlin Do10" GF (lim. red and blue, Walzwerk Records)

Stallions, the - Hey Babiy, it`s LP (Junk Rec.) Purple Vinyl

Steam Pig, The - Motorhead At 5am EP

Steroids – Sous Produit LP (MASS Productions)

Straight Edge Kegger ‎– Armed Robbery EP (Sounds of Betrayal)

Stranger, the ‎– Prison Called Life / Missing Link / Thirsty Dog 7"EP (lim. pink / Haunted Town Records)

Subversives - Right To Riot 7"EP (Vulture Rock)

Suckerspeed - End of Depression LP (We Bite Records)

Suicidal Tendencies ‎– Controlled By Hatred (Feel Like Shit... / Deja-Vu) LP (EPIC 1989, Europe 1.Press 465399 1)

Supersuckers - Devil`s Food LP (Cargo Records 2005)

Superyob - How Does it Feel EP (Screwed Up)