Skintonic Fanzine Ausgabe 2 (Nachdruck, lim. 50) Gratis

SUEDE RAZORS - Berlin Or Bust 7"EP (lim. 400, red)

Brutal Bravo - s/t 7EP+Downloadcode

Stomper 98 - Althergracht 12"GF-LP (clear white black smoke & red splatter, lim.500)

Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today LP (opaque blue Vinyl)

Youth Of Today - we're not in this alone LP+DLC (repress 2019, blue)

Violent Reaction - City Streets LP (2nd Press black, lim. 525)

Oxymoron - Feed The Breed GF-LP (green, lim. 250 / US-Import)

Power Trip - Nightmare Logic LP (lim yollow black Vinyl)

Blood for Blood - Revenge On Society LP

Hard Evidence - Last. Gasp 12"LP (lim 150, US-Version)

Lesung mit Ahne am 25.April 2020 im Steelbruch / Eisenhüttenstadt - Eintrittskarte (lim. 100)

Fork Hunts, the - We Are The Clowns LP (lim. pink)


Gundown , the / Von Dänikens - Bomb this City Split-LP (lim. 499)

Headwound - Look Good? It Is! 7"EP (Headache Records, yellow)

Fuck Ups - Gonna Have A Real Cool Time 7"EP (Hit Me Records, black)

Blanks 77 / Fuckin` Faces - Split-7"EP (Höhnie Records, Nasty Vinyl, black)

Discocks, the / Tom And Boot Boys - Hated And Proud Split-EP (Knock Outs Records, black)

COR - Lieber tot als Sklave GF - LP

Lower Class Brats - Who Writes Your Rules.... 7"EP (Helen of Oi! Records)