Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Fuctifano LP (black)

Slime - Wem gehört die Angst LP + A2 Poster (lim. black)

Live By The Sword - s/t Tape (lim. 100)

Burden - Fate Of A Nation 7"EP (lim. black)

Giuda - Roll The Balls 7"EP (

Giuda - Speaks Evil GF-LP

Giuda - Racey Roller LP (lim. Pink)

Fuerza Bruta - Verdugo CD

Cuttin Edge - Face Down CD

Business, the - Hardcore Hooligan GFLP

Business, the - No Mercy For You LP (lim. gold)

Bombshell Rocks - Generation Tranquilized LP (lim. black)

Strike First - Wolves LP (lim.100, black)

Stealers - Never Enough LP (lim. 100, black)

Ultra Sect - War Of the Roses 7"EP (lim. 100, black)

Coldside - Outcasts, Thugs & Outsiders LP (lim. 300, ultraclear / Strength Records)

Way of Life - Fanzine Ausgabe 1

Judge - Bringin` it down LP

Field Day (Ex Dag Nasty) - 2.0 7"EP + DLC (yellow-red, lim. 100)

Divided,The - Pack Of Lies 7”EP (lim.300, black)