Old Firm Casuals ‎– Army Of One 7"EP (black / Oi! The Boat Records)

Geistige Verunreinigung ‎– Blitzgulasch LP (Day-Glo Records)

Der Durstige Mann ‎– Hellblaun LP (Orgasm Records)

A.C.K. (Allgemeines Chaos Kommando) ‎– Mucha Policia LP

Allgemeines Chaos Kommando - A.C.K. LP

Peter And The Berlin Blackouts - Make Punk Rock Great Again LP

B.Trug ‎– Lieber Schwierig Als Schmierig LP (Rock-o-Rama)

Mau Mau ‎– Kraft LP (1.Press / Polydor 2372 107)

Motörpussy ‎– Rock'n'Roll, Asshole 7"EP (Incognito Records)

V/A - Oi! It's Party Time For Real.. Working Class Kids! Vol.3 7"EP

V/A - Oi! It's Party Time... For Working Class Kids! Vol.2 7"EP (lim. blue / One By One Records)

Black Romeos, the / Sore Thumbs, the ‎– The Black Romeos / The Sore Thumbs 7"EP (lim. 500, green Splatter)

Let's Dance ‎– Summer Breeze 7"EP (3D Clear Splatter)

Shifters, the ‎– Don't Care 7"EP (Rip Off Records)

Put-Ons, the ‎– A Different Kind Of Single 7"EP (Unity Squad Records)

Put-Ons, the ‎– Get Your Kicks 7"EP (lim. green)

Rat City Riot ‎– Dirty Rotten Games CD

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Rat City Riot - Better Than Nothing CD und LP

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Rat City Riot - Highway Hymns CD und LP

Major Accident / Foreign Legion - Cry Of The Legion Split LP+CD PRE-ORDER