Laurel Aitken feat. Skatalites - The Long Hot Summer LP

Subway Thugs - The Good, The Bad & The Thugly - The Complete Collection Digipack-CD

Negative Approach - Tied Down LP + MP3 Downloadcode (lim. green)


Only Attitude Counts - Triumph of the Underdogs LP

Ruckers, the - To The Lads And Ladies GF-LP (Contra Records, black, lim. 278)

Anticops - Out In The Streets LP

Alternate Action - Violent Crime 10"EP (US Version, 2n Press, lim. 250)

Sniper 66 - S/T LP

Ultra Razzia - Ultra Razzia LP (2.Press, black)

Doubling Boys - Bide Luzea 7EP

Razors in the Night - Never Give In GF-LP (Transparent Kelly Green w/ Solid Purple Splatter , lim. 205 / US-Import)

Cause for Alarm / Warzone - Split-LP+DC (white, lim.600)

Youth of Today - One Night Stand 7"EP (black)

Aggrolites, the - Reggae Now LP+DC (black Vinyl, lim. 1000)

Harrington Saints - Pride & Tradition LP+DC (lim. clear / US-Import)

Decline - Own Your Words 7"EP (gold, lim. 300 / US-Import)

Bums City Saints - s/t LP (US-Import, lim. 250)

Crown Court - Capital offence LP (1.Press, black, lim. 1000 / US-Import)

Evil Conduct - That Old Tattoo / Ultra Violence 11"PicLP