Bishops Green - Back to our roots part 1 7"EP (lim. 1000, black)

Bishops Green - Back to our roots part 1 7"EP (lim. 500, blue)

Black Marias - A Clockwork Army LP (lim. 300)

Black Marias / Oldfashioned Ideas - same - Split 7EP

Blades - Same LP

Blitz - Time Bomb: Early Singles & Demos Collection LP

Blood for Blood - Revenge On Society LP

Bob Marley And The Wailers - Rasta Revolution LP

Bockwurschtbude, die - Back To The Roots LP (black)

Bockwurschtbude, die - Für eine Handvoll Bockwurscht LP

Bonecrusher - Blvd of Broken Bones LP (lim. 50, black)

Bonecrusher - Every Generation 12"LP + CD

Bonecrusher - Followers of a brutal calling LP (lim. 400, clear red)

Bonecrusher - Saints & Heroes LP+CD

Bootboys "Cervezas Por Todas Partes" EP 7" (lim. 250)

Bootboys / Sindicato Oi! - We will never be divided Vol.2 Split.7"EP

BOOZE & GLORY - Carry On-Shaped Vinyl-LP - orange (excl. Contra Edt)

Booze Brothers, the - Bad Medicine LP

Born From Pain - Immortality LP

Born to Break Even - Kill the Sky EP