Antagonizers ATL / CRIM / Noi!se / Rude Pride - 4-Way-Split 7"EP

Funeral March / Radio Dead Ones - Nothing ... just the same as before birth Split LP

Nothing ... just the same as before birth Split-LP

Race Riot 59 - Punk Rock Gang 12"LP (lim.400, highlight Yellow)

Radio 69 - Hearts, Minds & Memories LP

Radio Dead Ones - gambian bumsters 7"EP

Rasta Knast - Friede, Freude, Untergang 7"EP GF (DNA Argh-Works)

Rat City Riot - Better Than Nothing LP

Rat City Riot - Highway Hymns LP

Ratos De Porao - Seculo Sinistro LP

Ratrace - Harder they Fall LP + Downloadcode (lim. 300)

Razorcut - Common Enemy GF-LP (lim. 200, black)

Razors in the Night - Never Give In GF-LP (Transparent Kelly Green w/ Solid Purple Splatter , lim. 205 / US-Import)

Razors -rare & live- LP

Reaction, the - The Wolrd Cup Óf Lies 10inch (black)

Reapers, the - Rip it up LP (lim. 350, white)


REASON TO CARE - Farewell! I am longing for home 10inch LP



-la nostra veu- LP

Reckless Upstarts - Glory 7"EP (lim. 250, black)

Red Alert / 1984 - Split 10"


Red Lights Flash / Rentokill - Split-10inch