High Society - Fear or Freedom 12LP (lim.200, splatter)

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„Fighting against lions!“ Schwer benieteter PunkCore/Streetpunk Bastard made in Dresden. “Young angry punx“ in der Tradition von VIRUS, HAVOC, CHEAP SEX & Co., UK’82 trifft auf U.S. Streetpunk. Nach diversen Tonträgern („Burning streets“ 7“, Splits mit den OLDFASHIONED IDEAS und CHEAP STUFF etc.) der überfällige Debüt-Longplayer der Combo aus dem Umfeld von STRONGBOW/DOLLY D./CHEAP STUFF/CUNNINGHAMS, 12 Songs, englisch betextet. „No rules, just reasons“, „Burning streets“, „You love is dead“. Zornige Texte aus voller Brust, gegen Dummheit und Angst. Verpackt in zackige EXPLOITED Style Stakkato Riffs, einer Leidenschaft für gute Melodien, raumgreifende K-BLOCK Singalongs, bellende Backing Vocals. Als Gast dabei: Anti von THE STARTS. Erscheint als limitiertes Vinyl (200 red/black splattered, 300 black) auf CONTRA/STEELTOWN/LONGSHOT MUSIC (U.S.A.) und CD (CONTRA/ANARCHRONISMEN).

„Fighting against lions!“ Catchy, driven PunkCore/Streetpunk bastard made in Dresden, Germany. "Young angry punx" in the spikey tradition of VIRUS, HAVOC, CHEAP SEX & Co., UK'82 hits U.S. Street punk. After various releases ("Burning streets" 7", splits with the OLDFASHIONED IDEAS and CHEAP STUFF etc.) finally the long overdue debut longplayer : 12 songs, english sung, with angry topics. "No rules, just reasons", "Burning streets", "You love is dead". Harsh anti-system lyrics against stupidity and fear. Packed in rippin’ EXPLOITED style staccato guitar riffs, served with a passion for good melodies, mighty Terraces singalongs, barking backing vocals. Limited vinyl press (200 red/black splattered, 300 black) on CONTRA/STEELTOWN/LONGSHOT MUSIC (U.S.A.) and CD (CONTRA/ANARCHRONISMEN).


1.Young Angry Punx

2.Fighting Against Lions

3.Your Love Is Dead

4.No Rules Just Reasons

5. My City Streets

6.Believe It (feat. Anti Starts)

7.Give It Back

8. Wake The Blind

9.Victim Of The Rat Race

10.Get Away

11.Burning Streets


Press info:

300x Black

200x Splatter (red/black)

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