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In co-production with Street Rock Music, Clockwork Punk celebrated their first ever release with the first volume of “Clockwork Street Anthems” on cassette. Seven A Clockwork Orange-themed bands delivered some of that good old ultra-violence and with success! Because several months later, the second volume in the “Clockwork Street Anthems”-series already arrived!


The recipe is yet again the same, obviously. Seven bands on a single-sided cassette that have that Clockwork-theme going on one way (by look), or another (by song) – or both! With another fine, international selection (from Russia to the USA and from the UK to Australia), bands like Smart Attitude, Harry On The Bottle, Proti Smeru, Those Rat Bastards, The Kerop, Hard Wax and Smärt Boyz are ready to get you one in the yarbles! If you have any yarbles of course.


Just like the first volume, Clockwork Punk and Street Rock Music deliver the goods. Not every track is exclusive, but with a theme that remains timeless, every song compliments each other, making this a solid, easy to listen to compilation. Now I know both Clockwork Punk and Street Rock Music mainly release cassettes, but perhaps it’s an idea to combine both volumes on one LP? Just thinking out loud here, but I’d buy it!

 (Review: American Oi!)

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