Live by the Sword - s/t 12"LP (lim. 500 180g, incl. Poster)

Rebellion Records
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The Dutch-American war machine LIVE BY THE SWORD is BACK! After two hard-hitting singles in 2016, the band – initially formed out of the ashes of STRONGARM AND THE BULLIES and RAZORBLADE – marches on with their first ever, self-titled mini album for REBELLION RECORDS – an all-out attack that will slaughter you at 45 revolutions per minute!

Besides a hard-hitting take on The Bruisers’ classic “INTIMIDATION”, LIVE BY THE SWORD present six more – all new – battle anthems in their crusade against posers, fakes, rats and snakes! With a vile, dark and dangerous sound, the mix of 80’s Oi! and streetpunk rock ‘n’ roll sounds classic, yet contemporary, while always going for the kill! From the short, fast-paced stomper “LIVE BY THE SWORD” to the pure brilliance of the grand finale of “DEATH DAWN RISING”, this powerhouse will leave your jaw on the floor!

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