DIRT ROYAL - This is now LP

Time for Action
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BLACK VINYL COPY!!! Killer debut album from this brand new and bloody young Mod/ Punk band from Brighton in the classical 3 piece line-up! 10 songs compiled like a "Powerpearls" compilation. The name speaks for itself: Catchy British three-chord-punk, call and response between lead singer and a gang chorus featuring classic "Oh oh oh", a bubbling bass and simple but melodically appropriate guitar parts. Rough harmonies give real power to the almost football-chant choruses that are instantly sing-a-long-able. Dirt Royal are anything but only young and well-dressed puppets, this youngsters know exactly what they do and they have something to say. Their opinions and observations of modern life get the impression that the life hasn\\'b4t really moved on since the Thatcher years. This 10 songs so clearly fit in with that sound that is still held in true adoration by fans of bands such as early The Jam/ The Clash or The Undertones. Maybe the lads are not completely in touch with what\\'b4s modern, but they certainly do know what it is to be a Mod. Last but not least, mastered by Smail Shock.