V/A - 7" Of The First Era - Vol 2 LP (Helen of Oi!)

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A1 –Vanilla Muffins Tribute Song

A2 –Vanilla Muffins Out Of Hope

A3 –Vibram 94 Brotherhood

A4 –Vibram 94 Fight To Win

A5 –Vibram 94 Don't Really Care

A6 –Vibram 94 Working Class

A7 –The Choice (5) American Oi

A8 –The Choice (5) Looking Out My Window

A9 –The Choice (5) Trendy Girl

A10 –The Choice (5) R.P.V.

A11 –The Discocks Street Of 92

B1 –The Discocks Voice Of Youth

B2 –The Discocks Oi Power

B3 –The Discocks Punk & Proud

B4 –Lower Class Brats Who Writes Your Rules (For Rebellion)?

B5 –Lower Class Brats Saftey Pinned & Sick

B6 –Lower Class Brats Riot In Hyde Park

B6 –Lower Class Brats Do It Again

B7 –Side Burns Get Away

B8 –Side Burns Mad Chess Play The Fasten Ghost

B9 –Lower Class Brats Background Music

B10 –Lower Class Brats Who Controls The Media?


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