Right Direction - All Of A The Sudden LP (lim.100 / silver)

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-all these years-

Der zweite Right Direction-Longplayer, original 1995 von Lost & Found CD-only veröffentlicht. M-Town Powerhouse mit der Euro-Version von Sheer Terror trifft auf Sick Of it All und Slapshot, 11 gewaltige Old School-Torpedos. Dutch made.

Earlier this year we unleashed the DUTCH HARDCORE CLASSICS series through STRENGTH RECORDS with the reissues of two true classic Dutch hardcore bands, BACKFIRE! and TECH 9! One of the bands that can’t be missed in this series is of course the mighty RIGHT DIRECTION, and we are proud to issue their 1995 full-length “ALL OF A SUDDEN” for the first time ever on vinyl!

“ALL OF A SUDDEN” was originally released on CD by LOST & FOUND RECORDS, the label that seemed to release all European powerhouses in the 90’s! But just like “ALL OF A SUDDEN”, all of RIGHT DIRECTION’s other full-length albums were only released on CD throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s. So not only are we proud, we are also very pleased with the fact that we finally got a RIGHT DIRECTION album out on vinyl and what better way to do that than with a record that kicks off with “Where Were You?”, ends with “My Last Bullet” and just fires European hardcore hit after hit in between!?

200 x Black vinyl
100 x Silver vinyl
15x testpressing black
including doublesided pic/lyric sheet

Side A
01. Where Were You?
02. Today I Dream
03. The Zoo
04. Nobody’s Perfect But You
05. “Chuck”
06. Prove It!

Side B
01. Another Year
02. I Should’ve Known
03. Govinda
04. I Got Your Number
05. My Last Bullet
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