Topnovil / Bum City Saints - Split 7EP (yellow / black, lim.500 highlight)

Contra Records
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The only thing better than record labels putting together awesome split records is when bands do it themselves. These two bands, TOPNOVIL from Australia, and BUM CITY SAINTS from the Bay Area (CA, USA) found each other thanks to their fans & friends; and have themselves been the driving force in bringing this split to life. True to form for both outfits, there is no shortage of passion and raucous energy on this six song split 7”. Pairing these two bands may not have been something that either Contra or Pirates Press Records could have predicted, but all of our record collections are going to be better for it. These two bands, and the six tracks fit perfectly together, and there is no question that new fans (of both bands) will be made with this great piece of wax.
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