Savage Beat - Wired LP (verschiedene Farben)

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Die Jungs aus Amsterdam lieferten 2017 mit der „Trench warfare“ 12“ ein ganz starkes Debüt ab. Nicht ganz so böse wie THE REAPERS, aber die Richtung stimmt. COCK SPARRER meets early MOTÖRHEADSAVAGE BEAT packen eine dicke Portion erdigen 70’s Hard Rock in ihren Streetpunk, auch hier wird man streckenweise an THE CORPS erinnert. Funktioniert bestens. Das Resultat sind 10 sehr griffige Power-Songs.


One of the most exciting debuts of last year was – without a doubt – released by Dutch outfit Savage Beat! Surprising both friend and foe with the superb “Trench Warfare” 12”/MCD/CASS, the lads from Amsterdam, Holland instantly raised the bar. Not just for the ‘competition’, but for themselves as well! No pressure, or so it seems, because with their first full-length “Wired”, they are coming out stronger than before!

Kicking out the jams in a grey area of ’77 punk, proto-Oi! and pub rock, Savage Beat delivers you another round of clean, Chiswick guitars, ’77 thrills and – indeed – savage beats! Proving the world it’s not dealing with a one day fly, the boys – known for their work in bands such as The Shining, The Works, Wanderlust and much more – crank out their best cuts to date, not to be missed by anyone into early punk and Oi! music! Time to take it further, time to get fuckin’ wired!

350x Neon green (with green text on jacket) EUROPE
150x Black (with purple text on jacket) USA
19x testpressing
Including pms printing, insert and download card

01. Take It Further
02. So Much Hate
03. Tar & Feathers
04. Down The Drain
05. Wired
06. On The Outside
07. Man’s Thunder
08. Leather On Leather
09. All Odds Against You
10. Nowhere To Run

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