Razorcut - Common Enemy GF-LP (lim. 200, black)

Longshot Muisc / Contra Records
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In the hiatus of MARCHING ORDERS, RAZORCUT have risen to the forefront of the current streetpunk bands from Australia. And this should come as no surprise as they share the same lead singer! With an updated line-up since their previous release, this is the fourth release and second full-length in a row from this prolific bunch, and with each release, they just keep getting better! As was the case with MARCHING ORDERS, RAZORCUT is heavily influenced by the many great Aussie rock’n’roll bands that have preceded them and put Australia on the map in regards to music, and this new release includes an amazing version of a classic song by THE ANGELS.

Includes Digital Download.

1. Our Time Is Now 
2. Tall Poppy Syndrome 
3. Lionheart 
4. Shadowboxer 
5. The Old & The New 
6. Where You Belong (Blame)

1. Common Enemy 
2. My Hate For You 
3. Set Me Free 
4. Party 
5. We Are Not Defeated