LA Inquisicion - Guerra Total - 2x7" Gatefold-EP (col. Vinyl)

Contra Records
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review by mighty:

La Inquisición - Guerra Total
Contra Records / HFMN Crew

It's only been six months since La Inquisición released their full-length debut “LVX” - a superb LP that took a firm, well deserved place in my top ten of favorite albums of 2018. It was bound to happen though, because earlier the band already impressed with their self-titled debut EP (2015*) and the “Verdadera Fe” EP (2016**) - both excellent released and both (nearly) sold out. 
Time for a second run! 
And what a second run it is! Because instead of reissuing both EP's separately, Contra Records and HFMN decided to combine these releases, throw them into a beautiful gatefold sleeve (which includes all lyrics on the inside), give the artwork a sublime makeover and release it as “Guerra Total” - a stunning double EP that is not just candy to the ears, but candy to the eye as well! 
Perhaps inspired by the cassette that was released by Oi! The Nische Records and Subculture For Life, but an excellent choice nonetheless. 
So no, you won't find anything new on here and yes, I’ve reviewed the releases in question when they initially came out – but this band is too good to limit to a certain amount of people being able to buy it and when the demand remains, this should be pressed over and over again! And then to think the original records already had a hefty amount pressed – very impressive indeed! 
Now if you missed the original EP's and only got introduced to La Inquisición more recently through “LVX” or their European tour with Bad Co. Project and Lion's Law, the ten-track “Guerra Total” is a magnificent release and an absolute must-have. But even if you have one, or perhaps both of the previous releases, this double EP is still a very welcoming addition to the collection for all reasons mentioned above!

* Released on Bandcamp in 2015, physically released in 2016 through Common People Records, Contra Records and Oi! The Boat Records
** Released on Bandcamp in 2016, physically released in 2017 through Common People Records and Contra Records

Hemos Caído 
El Dolor 
Fe Y Gloria 

Verdadera Fe 
Muerte A La Nostalgia 
Guerra Total