Cock Sparrer - Back in San Francisco 2009 DoLP (yellow clear)

Pirates Press Records
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A1     Intro    
A2     Riot Squad    
A3     Watch Your Back    
A4     Working    
A5     Sussed    
A6     What's It Like To Be Old?
B1     Teenage Heart    
B2     Spirit Of '76    
B3     Tough Guys    
B4     Get A Rope    
B5     Argy Bargy    
B6     So Many Things    

C1     Runnin' Riot    
C2     Chip On My Shoulder    
C3     I Got Your Number    
C4     Suicide Girls    
C5     Because You're Young    
C6     Take Em All
D1     Where Are They Now    
D2     Sunday Stripper    
D3     England Belongs To Me    
D4     We're Coming Back