Iron Boots - Complete Discography LP (green, lim. 230 / US-Import)

Grave Mistake Records / Triple-B Records
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IRON BOOTS Complete Discography LP is a 20 song collection containing every recording the band had released. Included on this release are tracks from their 2004 Demo, Weight of the World EP, Easy Green EP, and tracks from the Revelation Records Generations Compilation.

All material was remastered specifically for this release by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory.

The release features brand new cover art by Spoiler and includes both a printed inner sleeve and giant 20x20 inch double sided lyric sheet / poster!

1. Weight of the World
2. Another Thing Coming
3. Crashing Down
4. Bone to Pick
5. FYA
6. Cop a 'Tude
7. Chosen Few
8. Who Laughs Last
9. Don't Come Back
10. Weight of the World (v2)
11. Take Control
12. No Way Out
13. Crashing Down (v2)
14. No Choice
15. War Dogs
16. Steam
17. DBTH
18. Easy Green
19. Bizarre
20. Locked In Sight