V/A - We Come From A Band Down Under - 14 Killer Tunes From Australia 12"LP

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Australia is a brutal and menacing land where every creature wants to kill you.
There is no time for facade or pretense.
Rose Tattoo's Angry Anderson said "nobody attacks a guitar like an Australian".
Sometimes melodic, often fierce this latest compilation from Downunder is absolute proof of that statement.
Here you have 14 of the best current Australian Oi and Streetpunk bands carved into vinyl with a giant bowie knife.
There's some familiar names like Razorcut, No Class and Plan of Attack but others are unknown to you like the menacing saltwater crocodile, lurking below the surface ready to bite your head off.

Mick Dundee himself would tell you "That's not a compilation, this is a compilation".


Side A
1. Black rats - Razor Blade 3:38
2. Plan Of Attack - Hated Yet Rated 2:18
3. The Knock Backs - No Rest 2:05
4. The Opposition - Anxions State 2:18
5. Up The Anti - Van Diemen's Land 2:40
6. The Clinch - Hearts And Diamonds 3:27
7. Razorcut - Hope In Your Eyes 3:06

Side B
8. Those Rat Bastards - Tommy Blitz 2:50
9. Rust - Decade Of Corrosion 2:39
10. Stoush - Off Kilter 3:32
11. The Grogans - Greedy 2:26
12. No Class - Black And Blue 2:58
13. Rouges - My Mate 1:58
14. Bloody Minded Trendy Punks 2:04

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