Still Defiant - Fight The Evil 7"EP (lim. 350, orange)

Rebellion Records
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„Ultra Punk Rock Power“ aus Norddeutschland! Zwei brandneue Songs von Lars (Pride & Passion-Zine) & Co. Wie immer nach dem Reinheitsgebot gefertigt: Simpler Beat mit ganz spezieller Note. Ein Leckerbissen für alle Puristen und Nostalgiker. Limitiert auf 350 orange-farbene Exemplare.

Right after 2020’s self-titled LP compilation, the mad lass and mental lads of Germany’s most notorious punk rock outfit Still Defiant are back! This time around the razor sharp formation fights the evil with two cracking new tunes on one fast and scorching 45 for Rebellion Records! Available on either black or transparent orange vinyl, it is needless to say that this slab of wax is once again a must for all the short haired rockers out there – but just to make sure… pick it up today!!

150x black vinyl
350x transparent orange vinyl
15x testpressing

Side A:
01. Fight The Evil
Side B:
02. Digital Age

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