Chartbusters - 2 Riffs, 3 Chords, Up Yours! LP (lim. 212, black)

Step-1 Records
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After knocking around Portland, Oregon since 2012, establishing a reputation as the best party band around to play anywhere from a basement or backyard to one of the bigger local stages to open for the bigger bands touring through town, Chartbusters are kicked open the doors beyond Portland with their proper debut release. And a damn fine one at that with 10 punk rock anthems from the streets, including a couple of damn fine and familiar cover songs from The Blood and Poison Idea, complete with guest vocals by Jerry A and produced by Thee Slayer Hippy from Poison Idea.



1. Raise Your Voice

2. Here To Stay

3. Reason To Hate

4. Insane Youth

5. Done Some Brain Cells Last Night [THE BLOOD]


1. Johnny Come Lately

2. Ain’t Gonna Listen

3. City

4. Think For Yourself

5. Made To Be Broken [POISON IDEA]

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