NOFX - White Trash, Two Heebs And A Bean LP (lim. blue)

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Limited blue Vinyl! Repress des vierten Albums von 1992, eines der wohl bekanntesten Melodic-HC-Alben überhaupt, inkl. solcher Hits wie "Liza & Louise", "please play this song...", "Johnny Appleseed" oder "soul doubt". Back to Westbeach with Donnel Cameron. I don´t remember that much about this album. Erik had just quit heroin and he was still sick. Two days after we finished, Erik checked himself into a rehab and stayed there for two months. That was 7 years ago and he has been totally sober ever since. Cool. He won´t even eat chicken if it has wine sauce on it. He made it clear that NOFX was more important to him than drugs. Anyway, I don't remember how long this album took, but I do remember it took me a fuck of a long time to sing. Standard."

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