Mayday - Comme Une Bombe LP (Mad Butcher Records)

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Mayday was formed in South Central, Montreal, in March 2012. The four friends – DeadFrank, Stakhanov, Sissel and BB – grew up together listening to punk rock and having their say in various antiracist groups or workers unions. Deeply influenced by the legacy of great oi and punk bands originating from their hometown, they’ve been able to develop their own sound, which is a mix of new breed US bands such as Bonecrusher and Rancid, blended with a french sensivity which reminds of Camera Silens.

They released an EP (Excepté une fois à Verdun) in 2012, but their first full length (Comme une bombe, 2014) is very promising and proves that friendship developed in the streets and hard work is once again a winning recipe for a skinhead-oriented band. Watch for the explosion !

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