V/A - Punk And Disorderly Riot City LP

Puke N Vomit Records
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A1 –Vice Squad Last Rockers 4:37

A2 –The Ejected Have You Got 10p 1:29

A3 –Abrasive Wheels Vicious Circle 2:41

A4 –Abrasive Wheels Burn Em Down 2:41

A5 –Abrasive Wheels Army Song 1:55

A6 –The Expelled Dreaming 2:29

A7 –The Expelled Government Policy 2:56

B1 –Vice Squad Resurrection 4:04

B2 –The Insane Last Day 1:18

B3 –Court Martial Gotta Get Out 2:53

B4 –Chaos UK 4 Minute Warning 2:21

B5 –The Ejected I Don't Care 2:15

B6 –The Ejected Russians 2:27

B7 –Vice Squad Latex Love 1:33

B8 –Court Martial No Solution 2:18

B9 –Chaos UK No Security 2:24

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