Outcasts - Stay Young 7"EP (clear yellow green)

Violated Records
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One of the best punk bands to come out of Northern Ireland are back with their first single in 35 years. And it's fair to say the latest incarnation of The Outcasts, who split in 1985 and reunited in 2011, have come up with a release which encapsulates all that's good about the band. It's available on US label Violated Records as a three-track 7in single on three different variants of Colored Vinyl, or as a five-track CD EP, and a fine investment it is, if you can track one down. The A-side contains one new song and one cover. The new one is the title track Stay Young, written by guitarist Martin Cowan and bassist Petesy Burns, and it's fair to say it's classic Outcasts, all about growing old with your loved one. The cover is The Pressure's On, originally by fellow Belfast band Rudi, who were Good Vibrations labelmates back in the day, and they more than do it justice. The B-side contains another original new song, Rebel Rock Radio, a slower number whose central guitar riff owes a lot to The Sweet's Blockbuster or David Bowie's Jean Genie. The CD EP contains two extra tracks, 78 and You're A Disease, the latter being a new recording of one of their very earliest songs. The good news for long-time fans - or anyone who somehow hasn't discovered The Outcasts.The Outcasts turn back the clock with Stay Young, their first single in 35 years

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