Doc Rotten - Unite Resist LP (verschiedene Farben)

Havoc Underground
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Unite Resist is released by Havoc Underground. SLR is helping to distribute this banger.

Doc Rotten is back with their middle fingers in air yelling 'Unite Resist'. Their new full length record has 16 high energy punk rock songs that will kick you in the teeth. Produced by Bouncing Souls guitarist Pete Steinkopf, ‘Unite Resist’ talks about everything from the human experience in this crazy world to exactly why we need to put aside any differences we feel we might have in order to fight the oppressing class. Sprinkle in that east coast “fuck you” attitude expected from this east coast punk band and you’ll be singing along to Doc Rotten’s sophomore album ‘Unite Resist’.

A1 Intro

A2 15 Years

A3 Out of luck

A4 Open your eyes

A5 Hopeless

A6 Psych Ward 103

A7 Hero

A8 Dirty Hands, Dirty Money

B9 Unite Resist

B10 Empire

B11 Take A Stand

B12 Robots and Mannequins

B13 Drowning

B14 Carry Your Weight

B15 Corpses

B16 Hypocrites

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