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Aufgenommen wurde es mit einem All-Star Line-Up an berühmten Künstlern und kultigen Songs - ausgewählt aus der Playlist des weltberühmtesten Soulclubs von Mr. Northern Soul schlechthin...Russ Winstanley.

Dieses 16-Track DJ-Set startet mit Sidney Barnes' hymnischem „I Hurt On The Other Side". Zur weiteren Ehrung dieser lebenden Legende folgt anschließend sein Song „You'll Always Be In Style“ von The Ad Libs. Das unermüdlich stampfende Tanztempo wird weiter angetrieben vom beeindruckenden Big Daddy Rogers und der kompromisslosen Ann Sexton mit ihrem neuentdeckten Klassiker „I Still Love You“ sowie von Joe Tex And The Ohio Players. Sam Dees präsentiert seine einzigartige „Count-InVersion" von „Lonely For You Baby“, ein Song der ursprünglich von Charly Records veröffentlicht wurde.

Und weiter geht's mit der unglaublichen Rarität „Gone With The Wind Is My Love“ Von Rita & The Tiaras sowie Songs von The Valentines, Little Richie oder Jerry Williams And The Ringleaders. Abgerundet wird das Gesamtpaket durch den Tanzflächenfüller „Baby" von Ellie Greenwhich und den Evergreen „Everything' Gonna Be Alright" von P.P. Arnold.

1. I Hurt On The Other Side - Sidney Barnes
2. Youl Always Be In Style - Ad Libs, The
3. Don't Start None - The Mayfield Singers
4. I've Got To Fight It - Willie Parker
5. Take Me To Your Leader - The Sharpees
6. I've Got To Keep Movin' - Charles Lamont
7. I'm A Big Man - Big Daddy Rogers
8. I Still Love You - Ann Sexton
9. Under Your Powerful Love - Tex, Joe
10. Mother Of Shame - Holloway, Loleatta
11. Love Slipped Thru My Fingers - The Ohio Players
12. Nobody Beats My Love - Sir Joe
13. Lonely For You, Baby - Dees, Sam
14. Just Loving You - Andrews, Ruby
15. Gone With The Wind Is My Love - Rita & The Tiaras
16. Breakaway - The Valentines
17. Go Ahead On - Big John Hamilton
18. Just Another Heartache - Little Richie
19. The Good Got To Suffer For The Bad - Pat Brown
20. If You Ask Me (Because I Love You) - Jerry Williams
21. Everything's Gonna Be Alright - Pp Arnold
22. Permanent Vacation - Marion Sodd
23. I Still Can't Get You - Joseph Moore
24. Baby - Ellie Greenwich
25. Baby, What Has Happened To Our Love - The Ringleaders
26. Take Me Home - Donna King

Set for release on 23rd September 2016, the birth day of the legendary Wigan Casino, is Club Soul's long anticipated comeback album - NORTHERN SOUL WEEKENDER - featuring an all-star line up of fabled artists and iconic tracks culled from the playlist of the world's most famous soul club by Mr Northern Soul himself...

Russ Winstanley. Our 16 track DJ set blasts off with Sidney Barnes' anthemic "I Hurt On The Other Side" in celebration of his return to UK shores for the largest Northern Soul gathering In Skegness (UK) this September.

In further tribute to the living legend we present The Ad Libs, previously unreleased version of Barnes' "You'll Always Be In Style"...

a first for the LP format! The relentless stomping dance pace is propelled by current in demanders courtesy of the formidable Big Daddy Rogers and the uncompromising Ann Sexton with her newly discovered classic "I Still Love You" and Casino favourites from Joe Tex and the Ohio Players.

Sam Dees delivers his unique "count in" version of "Lonely For You Baby", a track originally released by Club Soul's parent company Charly Records - another first! The action continues with the incredible four-figure rarity "Gone With The Wind Is My Love" by Rita & The Tiaras -- that's a cool one thousand pounds per minute!!! And the rarities continue with the Valentines, Little Richie, Jerry Williams and the Ringleaders.

Ellie Greenwhich makes a very welcome appearance with her current floor packer "Baby" and MOD icon P.P.

Arnold performs the evergreen "Everything' Gonna Be Alright". Digitally Remastered and Restored from analogue tape and original vinyl.
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