High Society - No Peace Tape (lim. 100)

Tape Or Die / Fuck The Mainstream
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Streetpunk from Saxony!

While the A-side features songs in English, known from the actual album (plus a The Virus cover), the B-side features German-only songs. New recordings of old tracks plus a Zusamm-Rottung cover!

01 Fighting Against Lions 
02 Give it back 
03 My City Streets 
04 Wake The Blind 
05 Young Angry Punx 
06 My Life My World (The Virus)

07 Diktatur des Glaubens 
08 Gesellschaftspropaganda 
09 Hitlers Erben 
10 Falsche Propheten 
11 Zusammenhalt (Zusamm-Rottung)

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