FAVL (Faul) - Prigioniero LP (lim. 70, silkscreen, brown)

Steeltown Records / Oi! the Nische
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Steeltown Records & Oi! the Nische Records proudly presents:

After their debut full-length “Cemento E Follia”, Italy’s hardest Rock ‘n’ Oi! outfit F.A.V.L. literally released half a dozen of EP’s, split EP’s and singles the past six years.

Through tracks like “Viterbo Rock ‘n’ Oi!”, “Amarcord”, title-track “Prigioniero”, “Etrusco” and “Scoppio”, F.A.V.L. boots out a killer mix of sheer power, rocking melodies and Alessandro’s aggressive vocals, which are displayed best when sung in the band’s native language. Fortunately most tracks are indeed in Italian, so no complaints on that department either!

(Review: www.American-Oi.com)


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