Redd Kross - Redd Kross 12"EP

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File under: California Posh Boy Classic, snotty Teenage Beach Punk at it’s best! Zum 40. Jubiläum jetzt eine komplett überarbeitete Reissue des 1979er Debüts von Red Cross, zu den originalen 6 songs gibt es 4 Demo-Songs und eine Live-Nummer aus der legendären Church in Hermosa Beach, anno 1979. Kommt im vollständig neuen Artwork mit Text/Photo-Beilage und DL-Card. Essential!


This special 40th anniversary edition of the Red Cross EP, which includes the band's six-song eponymous debut and adds five contemporaneous extra tracks, is the most comprehensive document to date of the extraordinary birth of Redd Kross.

Redd Kross incubated alongside such SoCal luminaries as Black Flag, Descendents, and the Minutemen, and this new 11-song collection_which includes rare and unreleased demos plus a live track recorded in 1979 at "The Church," the infamous Black Flag birthplace in Hermosa Beach, CA_puts in proper perspective the McDonald brothers' contribution, at the ridiculously precocious ages of 12 and 16, to that area's punk scene.

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