Youth Of Today - Take A Stand (Live) LP (black, Lost And Found Records)

Lost And Found Records
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A1 Slow Down

A2 Malfunction

A3 Can't Close My Eyes

A4 Potential Friends

A5 I Have Faith

A6 Stabbed In The Back

A7 Keep It Up

A8 Better Than You

A9 Put It Aside

A10 Youth Crew

A11 Break Down The Walls

A12 Anarchy In ...

A13 Make A Change

B1 Flame Still Burns

B2 Take A Stand

B3 Pushed Too Far

B4 A Time We'll Remember

B5 Shout It

B6 Choose To Be

B7 One Night Stand

B8 No More

B9 Can't You See

B10 Prejudice

B11 Wake Up And Live

B12 Honesty

B13 Talk Is Cheap