Hard Wax - Dont stop the beat LP (black)

Rebellion Records
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You thought HARD WAX was dead? Guess again! Because after their magnificent split EP with

Savage Beat from earlier this year, the band is now back bigger and stronger than ever before with an

all new line-up and an all new album for Rebellion Records and LSM Vinyl titled “DON’T STOP THE


Undoubtedly HARD WAX’ best work to date, “DON’T STOP THE BEAT” contains eight hard hitting

scorchers written and performed by two of the scene’s best musical masterminds of today! Founding

member Tom Boutwood (Arch Rivals, Hostile Minds, Riot City Radio, Dead Legions) and the newly

acquired Ronny Hamersma (The Reapers, Day Drinker, Crown Court) already teamed up in The

Trade and Roughed Up, but their collaboration on “DON’T STOP THE BEAT” tops it all with its

vintage, yet fresh and aggro sound! But let’s not leave out HARD WAX’ third and latest member Matt

Colton (Riot City Radio) who has written some insane bass-lines for this amazing record! This is

bovver rock 2.0 in ‘22, baby!

So lace ‘em up tight and stomp all night to the ripping new sounds of UK’s finest – HARD WAX!

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